Best Lcn Door Closers

What type of LCN door closer should you buy for your business?


If you own a shop or business then it’s important to keep the door closed. There’s a good reason for this, mostly because you don’t want the wind blowing in dust, dirt or rubbish. You’ll also want to keep the rain and snow out. Keeping your door closed is also important if you have an air conditioning system. You don’t want all that cool air escaping through the front door.


Another reason to close the door is because of pests. Open doors allow all sorts of pests like rats, cockroaches, flies and other bugs to come inside. The bottom line is that you probably have a wide variety of expensive and valuable items in your business. In order to protect these items it’s critical that your door is closed at all times.


But here’s the problem. This can be a major chore. Most people are lazy and won’t bother to close the door on their way in or out. On top of that, most people probably don’t even realize that you want the door closed. And depending on how many people come into your business you might spend half your day closing the door after them.


The simple solution to all these problems is to install a LCN door closer. With a LCN door closer you will never have to think about this problem ever again. The door closer does all the hard work. It shuts the door whenever someone comes in or out, leaving your free to deal with customers and other problems. Another benefit of a door closer is that it prevents the door of slamming, which can improve safety.


But what type of door closer should you buy? After all, there are dozens on the market and some are better than others. In this article we’ve tested out and reviewed 9 of the best LCN door closers. This was done by installing the LCN door closers on various doors and then monitoring how they performed over several months.


Here’s what we found:

PreviewDoor Closer Typeprice
LCN 1460
LCN 4040XP
LCN 1461
LCN 1260
Lcn 4010
LCN 4110
LCN 4041
LCN 4110
LCN 3133


  1. Allegion LCN 1460
best lcn door closers 1460

LCN 1460

This is the universal standard when it comes to door closers. If you’re looking for something that works well and is easy to install then this is probably your best bet. It’s designed for simplicity and versatility in all situations. This closer is easily installed on about 99% of all doors, meaning that it’s possible to use almost everywhere.


What’s also nice about this product is that it comes with a 30 year warranty. In our experience this product certainly lives up to its warranty. It’s the type of door closer you can install in under 30 minutes and then forget about for decades. Through rain and shine it simply keeps on working no matter what. There’s no need to adjust or fiddle with it in any way.


Not only that, the mechanism is so simple and straightforward that you’ll never have to repair or replace any part of it. If you need a door closer and just want something simple and basic then this is probably going to be your best option. The only thing that we didn’t like about this product is that it’s not very strong. This means that people who have heavy doors, or doors that are difficult to close, may want to invest in something with a little more power.


  1. Allegion LCN 4040XP

LCN 4040

This door closer is more heavy duty and stronger than the previous LCN 1460. It’s meant for use in industrial settings where you have large heavy doors, or even in restaurant kitchen where you door is going to be constantly opened and closed. Basically, this door closer is suitable for places where there is high traffic and people constantly going in and out. It’s easy to adjust and maintain, and is one of those products that you can install and then forget about forever.


This door closer is also extremely strong. The housing is made from aluminum which makes it well suited for factories or businesses in which there could be wear and tear. The mechanism itself is also made from cast iron, meaning this door closer could potentially last for decades without needing attention. Even if you do need replacement parts, this product comes with a 30 year warranty, and the manufacturer will gladly help you out with spare parts.


The only drawback of this door closer is that you get what you pay for. What we mean by this is that the LCN 4040XP is extremely expensive. That being said, it provides excellent value for money. If you’ve previously bought door closers and found them falling apart after only a few months of use, then maybe it’s time to invest in something a little studier.


  1. Allegion LCN 1461
lcn 1461 door closer

LCN 1461

This is a medium duty door closer, suitable for small shop, offices and public buildings. The hinge allows it be opened a full 180 degrees, and like all Allegion products it’s extremely easy to install. This door closer also has a slimmer design, compared to other products by Allegion. This makes it perfect for installing in narrow spaces, and hard to get to areas. It also comes with all-weather hydraulic fluid, which means you will not have to adjust it as the temperature changes.


The mechanism itself is made out of cast iron, while the exterior has an aluminum powder coating. This coating is also available in four colors including aluminum, dark bronze, light bronze and brass. As for the range, this door closer can open up to 60 degrees. That isn’t as wide as the industrial models, but should be enough for small businesses and institutions.


The only problem that we had with this product is that, unlike other Allegion door closers, it only comes with a 10 year warranty. This reflects the fact that this door closer isn’t meant to be used in industrial settings. And while this is a minor issue it could be a problem for some people.


That being said, what’s also nice about Allegion products is that they are fully tested before leaving the factory. During testing this door closer was found to open and close smoothly more than two million times! With this type of reliability there’s no reason why you shouldn’t  invest in this product.



  1. Allegion LCN 1260
lcn 1260

LCN 1260

This door closer is also designed for use in medium commercial settings and small offices. This product has been tested and is certified to last for 1.5 million openings and closings. What’s also interesting is that it comes with something called a non-handed arm. This means it can be installed on doors which have hinges on either the left or right side.


Other features include a 20 year warranty and something called a Quick Fix bracket kit (Which is supposed to make the door easier to install). Why each Allegion door closer comes with a different warranty period is a mystery. But it probably reflects the durability of the product and the setting it should be used in. Industrial strength door closers are manufactured better and used more, and therefore have a longer warranty. Those which are meant to be used in commercial settings are not as strong, and have a shorter warranty.


One thing you might not like about this closer is that it has a reduced opening force feature. This basically means your door will close slowly. For some people this might not matter at all. It can be a good thing if you don’t want your door to bang. On the other hand, you might want the door to closely quickly.


What  you also have to realize about this door closer is that it’s really only meant for light applications i.e. doors which aren’t opened and closed often. Some people have tried installing this model on restaurant kitchen doors, and reported that it broke after only a few months.


  1. Allegion LCN 4010
lcn 4010 closer

LCN 4010

This door closer stands halfway between the industrial and home grade. This means is should be used in large stores and restaurants where there is a reasonable amount of foot traffic. This fact is reflected in its testing. The closer was found to function for more than ten million cycles.


When using it we found this to be accurate. Over a period of several months this door closer worked smoothly and efficiently. We’re fairly certain that it would continue for work for many more years, or even decades. When you look at the features of this door closer it’s easy to see why. The main arm of the closer is made from forged steel, which makes it ultra-durable. The mechanism itself is built from cast iron, which adds to its strength.


What we also liked about this product is that it’s rated to work at extremely high temperatures. This is important to note if you live somewhere warm, or the door closer will be exposed to high temperatures for extended periods of time. The opposite is also true. Due to the strength of this door closer, it’s also a perfect choice for installation in cold and rugged climates.


  1. Allegion LCN 4110
LCN 4110 door closer

LCN 4110

The Allegion LCN 4110 is heavy duty door closer perfectly suited for interior door in high traffic buildings. This makes it a great fit for places like public buildings, where people are constantly entering and exiting. It’s also good for places like fast food restaurants. The closer is more than stronger enough to put up with high levels of use.


This product allows doors to open a full 110 degrees – although this can be adjusted beyond 140 degrees. This is more than enough range in cases where multiple people are trying to enter the building at once. It also has enough range to allow people with disabilities to get inside – also making it perfect for use in public buildings. Another thing to note is that, according to people who have purchased this door closer, it’s also the best closer to use on wooden and hollow metal doors. Also, like most Allegion products, it comes in a number of colors including dark bronze and brass.


  1. Allegion LCN 4041
LCN 4041 door closer

LCN 4041

This product is also designed for high traffic institutional and commercial buildings. These include places like hospitals and educational institutions. It has a 30 year warranty and is tough enough to function perfectly during every one of those 30 years. In our experience this closer is extremely easy to install, far easier than the other models, which is probably the biggest benefit of this model.


It allows door to open and close smoothly, and also has a clean modern look, making it a great choice for high class establishments. Many door closers have an ugly industrial look, but that is not the case with this model. The 4041 also has the additional feature of being double heat treated, which makes it extra resistant to wear and tear.


  1. Allegion LCN 2030
LCN 2030 concealed door closer

LCN 2030

What’s different about this model is that it’s built to be concealed. The ultra slim design means that it can be easily placed and most of the time will not even be noticed. This is probably the best door closer to buy if you’re trying to maintain the aesthetic qualities of your doors and buildings.


Even though it’s slim, this closer still packs a powerful punch. it can easily close even large doors, and is rated for interior doors up to 54 inches wide, and exterior doors up to 42 inches wide.


  1. Allegion LCN 3130
LCN 3133 series

LCN 3133

Like the LCN 2030 this is also a minimalist door closer which is meant to be unobtrusive. In fact, these concealed models are actually meant to be fitted inside the door and are totally hidden from view. The main difference this and the previous model is that it’s slightly tougher and meant to be used in public buildings and other high traffic areas.


This closer is also built with people who have disabilities in mind. It shuts slower and this gives them time to get safely into the building. It also has a 15 year warranty, and while this isn’t as long as other Allegion products, this door closer is built tough enough to easily last for that length of time.

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