Best Screen Door Closers

Under favorable conditions the doors of your home can last for many years even decades when treated properly and when frequently maintained. A wise homeowner will take all of the necessary precautions in order to ensure that no unnecessary damage is done to the doors of their home or business.

This is because frequent repairs can result in a frustrating situation. This is why especially exterior doors which is allowed to slam open and shut unnecessarily because of the actions of undisciplined children or because of uncontrolled natural forces such a strong wind, this will quickly result in a significant amount of damage which will require emergency repairs or in a worst case scenario such a door may need to be replaced completely.

This can be costly resulting in an unnecessary financial burden. Furthermore, doors which are constantly slamming can be extremely irritating in particular if you require quiet around you in order to focus on important tasks. Slamming doors will eventually have an impact on the door frame and depending on the force such a frame can eventually be compromised to the point where replacement or sizable repairs is required.

So many products to choose from

there are today a long list of brand names available as far as door closers is concerned but there are also many unbranded products, some which can serve you well for a couple of years while there are others which will at best be a temporary solution and which will have to be replaced eventually by a quality product.

Nevertheless, making a well-informed decision as far as door closers is concerned is not as simple as it sounds simply because the average homeowner simply do not have enough information on all of the available products in order to allow them to make a well-informed decision so that they can purchase a product which will serve them exceptionally for many years.

The purpose of this article is to take a careful look at some of the most popular products and to compare the pros and cons of each of those products so that at the end of this article people will have a substantial amount of information regarding the best screen door closer products and that this will then allow them to make logical and wise decisions when it comes to the selection of a product which will be suitable for their particular needs.

They are many types of door closers


It is important to consider that in the first place there is parallel arm closers which simply means that one of the arms will always stay parallel with the frame of the door when such a door is in the closed position. With this product the spring box is always located at the top of the door. This fact, actually helps because this kind of door closers often functions better than other types of door closers.

Nevertheless, there are also Top jamb closers which is also extremely powerful and strong as far as their function as door closers is concerned. This kind of door closer extends vertically outwards from the door and they make use of a spring-loaded box which will have to be mounted on the face panel located on the frame of the door. This type of door closers is mostly used for aluminum or glass doors which is installed on commercial properties.

There are also standard arm closers which is also sometimes referred to as regular arm closers. This is simply a design which make use of two separate arms which function together in order to keep a door opened. One arm is always attached to a box which include strong springs while the other arm is fitted onto the frame of the door.

This is a very strong design and because of this the opening and closing action of this system is smooth and the design is very sturdy. However, not all people like this type of closer because they extend vertically from the door frame.

PreviewDoor Closer Typeprice
Wright Products
Touch 'n Hold Smooth
Prime-Line KC10HD
Dynasty Hardware 3000
Kason 1094

Wright Products V920wh Standard Duty Best Pneumatic Screen Door Closer

V920WH screen door closer


One of the best door closer products available today is certainly the Wright Products V920wh Standard Duty Best Pneumatic Screen Door Closer. There are many consumers who feel that this product is a reliable door closer which performs excellently in its task to regulate the closing and opening of screen doors.

It functions by using a system of air pressure which is controlled by valves. Whenever an individual holds the door in the open position this results in a situation where the air with in such a pneumatic door closer becomes compressed and as a result this will help to keep the door open. Nevertheless, when the door is released the air with in that pneumatic system will expand which will push the valves in that system outward resulting in the closure of the door.

This door closer has been designed to be very sturdy which makes this closer suitable for use on both lightweight and heavy-duty doors. It is entirely possible to use 2 of these door closers in tandem to more effectively manage a heavy door. It does not matter whether you have metal or wooden doors since this will in no way have an impact on the efficiency of this product.

The closing speed can be quickly adjusted by tightening or loosening the screws on the door closer. This door closer will allow a door to open to an angle of 90 degrees which is mostly providing more than enough space for easy access. Maintaining this door closer is very easy.

  • The opening and closing speed of this door closer can be quickly adjusted simply by turning a few screws.
  • This product will function just as efficiently on hard-working exterior doors as it will work on normal interior doors.
  • The product is coated with a very nice-looking white-color.
  • This door closer allows the door to open as much as 90°.
  • It has been voted to be one of the best door closers available.
  • Some people feel that the product is somewhat overpriced.

Touch ‘n Hold Smooth door closer


Touch 'n Hold Smooth screen door closer

Another excellent product is known as the Touch ‘n Hold Smooth door closer. This is a superior design which continues to impress even people who are professional designers of products. This is why this excellent product has impressed many people over the years. This is a door closer which has been specifically designed to function without human effort.

This is a patented system which makes use of a very smooth closing automation system which is able to quickly close the door without the need to put any pressure on the frame. This system is also referred to as a touch and hold closer and it is a notable upgrade on the normal door closer systems which are currently widely used.

As soon as you open the door the closing cycle on that door will be activated. It is even possible to open a door which has been fitted with this system simply by tapping a button.

  • This door closer is widely recognized as one of the best storm door closers available today.
  • The closing speed, as well as the latching power, can be very easily adjusted simply by turning a few screws. This excellent door closer is available in seven different colors which makes it easier to match this closer to your home or business
  • all that is required is a tap on a touch button which will immediately result in the opening of the door.
  • The door closer is held firmly in position by extremely sturdy mounting brackets.

Prime-Line KC10HD Safety Spring Automatic Door Closer Hinge

Prime-Line KC10HD screen door closer


There is also the highly regarded Prime-Line KC10HD Safety Spring Automatic screen Door Closer Hinge. For those on a busy schedule the act of closing a door is an unnecessary expenditure of energy. This is why a feature which turns a door closer into a self-closing unit is considered to be ground breaking and pioneering.

This is exactly what people get when they install this compact door closer available from a highly reputable manufacturer.

Considering the capabilities of this gadget its installation is remarkably simple and quick. Just remember to insert the plastic slide plate when installing which needs to be mounted on the surface.

This process can be completed even by someone with basic tools and minimal skills. Even though this closer may appear too small for its purpose, they have been designed to be incredibly sturdy and long-lasting. They will easily handle a door weighing as much as 150 pounds.

  • It is widely considered to be one of the best automatic door closer hinges.
  • Once this spring attached door closer is installed it is more than able to open doors even to an angle of 180 degrees.
  • The mounting plate has been meticulously designed to allow for a simple and quick surface installation.
  • Although misleadingly small the door closer can handle doors weighing as much as 150 pounds.
  • Another advantage of the design is that it can be adapted for use on both right-handed and left-handed doors.

Dynasty Hardware 3000-ALUM Commercial Grade Door Closer

Dynasty Hardware 3000 screen door closer

Obviously when shopping for door closers one of the primary objectives should be to find a door closer that is able to effortlessly handle the door on which it is going to be installed.

The Dynasty Hardware 3000-ALUM Commercial Grade screen Door Closer is rated as grade 2 on the ANSI scale of certification. To the layman this simply means the this is a sophisticated door closer which is extremely sturdy and it has a firmness in its operation which is reassuring and satisfying.

It should be remembered that technically this design is intended only for residential properties. Therefore, owners of commercial properties these closers are not recommended for your business.  Even so, this design will function exceptionally well on a wide range of residential doors and they can be used on both right and left swinging doors.

A high-quality aluminum is used to manufacture these door closers which make them very appealing and good looking.

  • Widely considered to be one of the best commercial grade smart door closers available.
  • Closer works equally well on right and left swinging doors.
  • It can be used on all residential doors which weigh 143 pounds or less.
  • Uses smooth working valves which regulates the speed and the latching of a door.

Kason 1094 SureClose Hydraulic Door Closer for Home or Office

kason 1084 screen door closer

Another high-quality product is the Kason 1094 SureClose Hydraulic screen door closer for home or office. This is one of the best hydraulic door closers around and it functions by moving fluids between reservoirs. It is a sturdy and very powerful closer which can keep most doors open at an angle of 90 degrees.

Just lightly nudge the door and step aside and the door will close slowly and latch itself firmly to the frame. This latch is mounted on the surface but the hook is adjustable and is mounted on the surface roughly ¾ of an inch from the door.

This is an extremely durable and sturdy design and in fact the housing is solid steel and even the hook is strong enough to allow for heavy use. This is a door closer on which money is well spend because it can reasonably be expected that this is a product which can last for many years, even decades without the need for a replacement.

Some people may notice that the hook used on this closer is somewhat wider than those used on mainstream closers. This allows for increased stability and also ensures a better alignment between frame and door. It is extremely easy to adjust the closing speed of the door as well as the latch in order to ensure a tight fit.

  • Popular because of its reputation as a quality hydraulic screen door closer.
  • This door closer will hold a door open at an angle of 90 degrees.
  • It only requires a tiny nudge to activate the door closer.
  • Adjustments is simple and straight-forward because the latch is on the surface.
  • This door closer works best on residential doors of limited weight.

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