The Best Commercial Door Closers

Commercial door closers are a no nonsense, idiot-proof, way to enhance the appearance and performance of your  businesses entryways.

Sure, after reading some of the reviews that accompany these products on Amazon, my “idiot-proof” label can be called into question, but for competent business owners, a very small investment of money and installation time can save a lot of money on climate control, improve security and offer safer more orderly movement through a business offering a solid return on investment.



In order to put this best commercial door closers list together I am looking at the price point, the features, the best-selling status and best ranking status and the ratings.

This list wound up being organically focused primarily on light commercial door closers, with only a couple of medium or heavy-duty models. The light duty models are all about $30. The medium duty is three times that at about $90 and the heavy duty is twice that at just over $180.

This list only includes regular or surface mounted door closers. These are the simplest and most utilitarian, and they can probably all be installed without professional help.

This list does not include door closers like concealed or floor mounted door closers. These probably need professional installation in every case and just the products themselves are many times more expensive.

They are easy to install. In many cases you can do the install yourself. Most have several finishes. On a personal note, all look like they can be painted easily before installation with a minimum of effort to protect moving parts. One is listed as “sexy and sleek,” so knowing me, I would be tempted to paint that one purple and program a sensor to play prince every time that door opened.

PreviewDoor Closer Typeprice
Lawrence Medium Duty...Residential and Light Commercial
Lawrence Heavy Duty Door...Commercial Heavy Use
Automatic Adjustable Spring...Residential/Commercial Use
Onarway Door Closer / Closure...Residential/Commercial Use
Fortstrong Door Closer FS-1306...Hydraulic light Commercial Use
LYNN HARDWARE Medium Duty...Residential and Light Commercial
AmazonCommercial Door...Commercial use
Dynasty Door Closer Adjustable...Commercial use


Lawrence Aluminum Automatic Medium Duty Door Closer

Lawrence commercial door closer


This is a medium duty door closer that’s ideal for light to medium weight doors in light to medium traffic areas. It’s probably the most flexible on this list in terms of scenarios that it can be used. However it is literally not the most flexible in terms of …flexibility. It is not very adjustable.

Still, this has had consistently high ratings over three years, with a 4.7 out of 5 average and no ratings below three.

It comes in size 3 and 4 and in aluminum and light bronze finishes of an attractive powder coating that is corrosion and rust resistant. It can handle doors of up to three feet in width and 125 pounds in weight

Lawrence hardware it is listed in several top review lists and vendor sites as a reliable brand.



  • Grade 2
  • Size 3 and 4 styles
  • Medium to high traffic volume
  • Back Check standard


  • Highly rated
  • Durable


  • Seems like it only opens to a little more than 90 degrees
  • Is not adjustable


Lawrence Heavy Duty and Hight Traffic Door Closer

Lawrence Aluminum Automatic Medium Duty best commercial Door Closers


If you’re dealing with a lot of traffic or a heavier door, this is a good step up from the Lawrence medium duty closer. It is of course highly ranked, and the score is a very respectable 4.5 out of 5 with only one bad review listed. This is solid and meant for doors that see a lot of traffic.

This one has four options: aluminum, bronze, matte black, and gold. The gold finish does not look obnoxious or garish and the black matte is very nice.

However in one section of the description it talks about exceptional flexibility in mounting, with the ability to use any kind of arm functionality (regular, top jamb, and parallel arms), but it turns out that only the bronze style offers that, for some reason.


  • Adjustable closing power
  • ANSI on black and gold models
  • Variable arm options on bronze model
  • Grade 1
  • Ideal for high traffic
  • Back Check


  • Best heavy-duty commercial door closer
  • Impressive durability and rating


  • The descriptions are deceptive, and only on color style has the extra-adjustable mounting options.
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Dorence Sexy and Slick Commercial Grade

hydraulic commercial door closer


“Sexy”? Really? Is it the solid gear box? That big strong closer arm? It’s the second highest ranked commercial door closer on Amazon, so maybe it’s a popularity thing.

This is light commercial, considered for residential or commercial use. Can be installed in any facing door and is fully adjustable speed and latching.

I wouldn’t say it’s sexy, but it is certainly cute. IT also brags about universal mounting and the ability to open doors up to 180 degrees. Maybe it’s the flexibility that makes it flexible. I don’t know.

While it’s the second highest ranked it’s not the best reviewed, with more than 450 reviews averaging 4.2 out of 5, and fifteen percent are one or two stars. Still many of those bad reviews are apparently related to poor choice on the buyer’s part, like one reviewer that expected it to be an outswing door and can’t get it to function that way.

One review does say that the measurements are wrong, claiming that the 11” measurement is actually of the box and not of the closer, which they say is 8”. They include a picture of the enclosure in a box, but it would have been helpful to include a ruler for comparison, or perhaps even a banana. Maybe something sexier.

The bad reviews do dampen my enthusiasm about this one, but it is the cheapest type in its category and a very good seller, and the ratings are still very good, especially if you disregard the questionable nature of many of the bad reviews.

They didn’t take the time to include size, and their measurements are wrong. However, considering someone included in the details, “most sexiest and slick piece you have ever seen,” maybe they were insecure about size


  • Swing and latch adjustable
  • Doors between 132-176 pounds
  • Moderate traffic volume
  • Back Check


  • Cheapest door closer in its class and far from the lowest rated


  • Some troubling reviews
  • Somebody decided “sexy” was an appropriate adjective for a commercial door opener.
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Onarway Adjustable Automatic Size 3

onarway commercial door closer


This is the second highest ranking commercial door closer on Amazon. While it’s only slightly better rated than the “sexy” Dorence closer, with a 4.3 out of 5 average, it only has ten percent of reviews that are one or two star.

There are three styles available a size 3, a 3 with a hold open option and size 4 parallel bracket option. It’s all kinds of flexible, from mounting to variable speed and latching to a full range of motion.

While it’s fairly well-reviewed, some of the reviewers have identified issues with the strength of the closing mechanism that might require a look.



  • Swing and latch adjustable, 180 degrees
  • Doors 99-132 pounds
  • Size 3 or 4, depending on style
  • Light to medium traffic


  • Almost unlimited mounting options


  • May not be the most stable
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Fortstrong Automatic Adjustable Door Closer

commercial adjustable door closer


This is the highest ranked commercial door closer on Amazon, but with over 600 ratings, the average is an unimpressive 4.3 out of 5.

It’ sturdy though, which could be why the company is very proud of it’s warranty and refund policies. Plus it has very adjustable speed and latching values. It’s flexible to apparently more than 180 degrees and it has the same price point of the other light commercial door closers on the list, even though it seems to be sturdier and heavier duty.

While it’s not the most impressive in terms of rating, and there are valid complaints in the reviews, most reviewers seem to really like it’s durability and say it is easy to install and adjust. Couple that with the low price and high ranking, it seems all around to be a solid investment, especially if you have a lot of doors that need upgrading.



  • Swing and latch adjustable:
  • Grade 3
  • Traffic volume:
  • Installation:
  • Back Check


  • Solid warranty and refund policy
  • Detailed instruction guide with “life size” fitting template


  • Numerous reviews say it is hard to open.
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Lynn Commercial Doors

designer commercial door closer


This has a 4.6 out of 6 rating, and, like all of the other commercial door closers on this list, it ranks highly on Amazon. It only has one 3-star rating and one 1-star rating, and neither includes a negative review. The mostly enthusiastic reviewes say it’s attractive and very easy to install.

This is a medium duty door closer, which makes it reasonable that it is about three times the cost of the light duty residential/commercial products on this list.

It comes in aluminum, bronze, and a really nice matte black finish. The matte black is very smooth and would be a good candidate for repainting.



  • Swing and latch adjustable
  • Doors to 150 pounds
  • Medium to high traffic
  • Back Check adjustable
  • UL fire rated for three hours



  • No one has anything bad to say about it.
  • Attractive and easy to install
  • Competitively priced for medium duty


  • It doesn’t include a grade and is relatively new product
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Amazon Commercial Door Closer

amazon commercial door closer


Of course Amazon has their own door closer.

I am primarily listing this because there are no bad reviews and Amazon is so good about returns of products. So, yes, you would be one of the first people to use this door closer, but you know you can depend on easy returns if commercial door closers turn out not to be Amazon’s secret sauce.

It has 4.8 out of 5 stars. While Amazon themselves have restricted outside companies from offering free products in exchange for reviews, they have their own “Vine” where they offer products for free for review. While the program itself seems to be strict with quality of reviews and reviews. Half of the reviews for this product are vine reviews, and it is commonly assumed that people review more favorably when they get free merchandise or any sort of material benefit

It is clearly labeled as a commercial door closer, but says in the description that it is ideal for home or light office use. It is the same price point as the other light commercial door closers on this list.

Comes in dark bronze, which looks exactly like the outside of a UPS truck. Not the best. But it also comes in a flashy silver that looks very nice.


  • Swing and latch adjustable and reversible
  • Light commercial. Maybe
  • Size 4
  • Light traffic
  • UL fire approval


  • Amazon return policies
  • High ratings
  • Attractive silver finish.


  • Suspiciously high ratings
  • Brand new product with no signs of durability
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 Dynasty Hardware 1614-DURO

dynasty commercial door closer


This is my top pick because it has a high rating, at 4.6 out of 5 stars, and the negative reviews aren’t nearly as passionate as the positive reviews. Also, it has the oldest ratings of all the commercial door closers I checked. It’s is highly ranked on Amazon; it’s the third highest ranked on Amazon. It’s easy to install and adjust. It’s also a good price for the grade and quality.

It’s listed as dark bronze, but the technical details say it’s “Sprayed Duronic brown.” I have no idea what duronic means. It appears to be a branding thing. It definitely doesn’t look brown, but it also doesn’t look bronze. From the listed and review pictures it looks like a burnished near-black. If you get up really close, you could say, eh, yeah I guess I can see bronze, just to get people off your back about what color it is.


  • Swing and latch adjustable
  • Grade 1, ANSI 156.4
  • Size 1 through 4
  • Medium traffic volume
  • Back check
  • UL listed for fire door
  • ADA compliant


  • Straightforward and easy to install
  • Reliable


  • None, really
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